DIGITAL SIGNAGE 2020 • Shanghai

2020.9.17-19 | Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Centre

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Translation Service

Items Price(RMB/Day) Items Price(RMB/Day)
English-Chinese basic RMB 600 English-Chinese Senior RMB 1000
Korean-Chinese RMB 800 German-Chinese RMB 900
Japanese-Chinese RMB 800 French-Chinese RMB 1000
Russian-Chinese RMB 1000 Italian-Chinese RMB 1400
Portuguese-Chinese RMB 1400 Spanish-Chinese RMB 1400
Unless otherwise required by clients, general interpretation service is charged by one working day (8 hours) or half working day (4 hours) (excluding Simultaneous Interpretation service); for overtime service after above hours, the overtime service charge is 10 – 50%. (P.S. Due to tight schedule of translators, we suggest clients book your translator 1 or 2 days in advance.)For overtime service, it is subject to overtime charge. If requiring travel out of Shanghai, clients shall cover the accommodation and transportation of the translators (for simultaneous interpretation, such cost is to be confirmed.) For special industry or very small foreign languages, the price rate is quoted case by case.
Booking inquiry Phone No.:+8621-51099795
E-mail address:
Contact Person: Mr.Seven Liu
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