DIGITAL SIGNAGE 2021 • Shenzhen

2021.4.1-3 | Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

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Online Exhibitor Manual

Dear Exhibitor,
Thank you for participating in DIGITAL SIGNAGE 2020 • Shenzhen. To prepare your stand and to benefit as much as possible from your participation, we herewith provide you the Manual with Technical Information and Promotional Opportunities.
 Online Exhibitor Manual  Online Exhibitor Manual
Please download the manual
Please download the manual
 Online Exhibitor Manual
Should you need any assistance in your preparations for the event, please feel free to contact the Customer Service Department of UBM Trust at +86 20 38106261 or

Contact Details of Suppliers
Official Contractor: GL Events Live (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Ms. Megan Liu
  Tel:(86)755-8148 8483-809
  Mobile: (86)199 2521 1315
  Tel:(86)755-8148 8483-612
  Mobile:(86)181 2880 1791
Official Contractor for Deluxe Shell Stand: A. Worldtech (Guangzhou) Ltd
  Tel:(86)8317 2178-804